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Easily track and manage your subscriptions.

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Everything you need

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  • ฿

    Track Subscriptions

    Track and manage all your recurring subscriptions easily from a single place.

  • Statistics


    Always take care of your spending with the right data and beautiful charts at a glance.

  • Notifications


    Schedule as many reminder notifications as you want for your subscriptions renewal at any given time.

  • Currencies


    Set a default currency and a custom one for every subscription, and let Billey handle the conversion for you.


Still not convinced?

Some other things to make you happy. And there's more!

  • Fingerprint

    Biometric Authentication

    Protect your data with biometric authentication, whatever your device supports: Face ID, Fingerprint or PIN.

  • Cloud

    Cloud Sync

    Your data will always be safe in the cloud, fully encrypted. Of course, you can delete all of them whenever you want.

  • Dark

    Dark Theme

    Keep your eyes safe at night with a beautiful dark theme.

  • Lock

    Anonymous Sign In

    Don't want to provide your email, name, or remember another password? No worries, you can skip all of that.